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10th ינואר 2019

Dermal fillers for a masculine facial structure

In this modern world, it’s now recognised that men would like to look good just as much as women do. Everyone has the right to like what they see in the mirror, and non-surgical treatments now mean that the ideal male facial structure can be achieved through dermal fillers. How do dermal fillers achieve structuring and contouring, and where are they placed in the male face?


The ideal masculine facial structure

The ideal masculine facial structure is typically angular and strong. High cheekbones, a prominent chin sometimes with a cleft, and an angular jawline are all common traits of an attractive male face. The ideal male cheekbone begins high, almost towards the ear, and extends further down the face than the female cheekbone. The jawline is often more angular and stronger than the rounder, softer jaw of the female face, too.


How dermal fillers work

Dermal fillers are a temporary injectable treatment that are placed beneath the surface of the skin in your soft tissue. They are a gel-like substance that contain hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring protein in the skin that is essential to volume and firmness. This treatment literally ‘fills’ the treatment area, creating structure and contour in soft tissue that is perhaps lacking it. As well as it being well-know that dermal fillers help structure the lips, a treatment popular with female patients, it can also successfully restructure areas like the chin and jaw.


Areas to treat for masculine facial structure

Dermal fillers are suitable to treat all three of the key masculine facial areas:

  • Cheeks and cheekbones
  • Chin (whether making it more prominent or slightly cleft)
  • Jaw area (broadening and introducing angles)

Careful consideration needs to be taken in how dermal fillers are placed in these areas. Too much or too little will result in an asymmetrical face. When selecting who will perform your treatment, always seek a medical professional who understands the structures of the face on a deeper level. Professor Jeffry Kashuk is an esteemed and recognised surgeon, so there is no better person to perform your treatments as he understands best how your skin and facial anatomy works beneath the surface.


The ageing male face

The signs of ageing are visible in the skin for both men and women, though women do tend to see them first due to their skin composition. However, loss of structure in the soft tissue of the cheeks and beneath the eyes can lead to them taking on a sunken look. These kinds of ‘tired eyes’ make the male face seem gaunt or hollow. The skin beneath the eyes, the tear troughs, are some of the thinnest skin on the body. Carefully injecting dermal filler beneath the eyes here can help to fill out this hollow, lifting some of the skin that is falling upon the cheek too. Mature male clients often find that this treatment helps them to appear more awake due to the fact their eyes don’t look sunken and hollow.


Discover the benefits of dermal fillers for masculine facial structure with Professor Jeffry Kashuk in Tel Aviv today. Enquire online or call 0737579004 to speak to a member staff.

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