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A number of different skin processes combine to create the multi-faceted ageing process, resulting in the degradation of our skin and contributing to an ‘older’ appearance. Premature ageing in areas of the face lead some to feel self-conscious, but by addressing these areas we can achieve a dramatic improvement for a younger appearance. Bone resorption, for example, occurs when the connective tissue attached to our facial bones deteriorates and slackens. This loosens the skin and causes sagging, volume and hydration loss through lack of tissue support. These changes in our skin happen at key and expressive points of face, working against us to downturn our facial angles, soften our contours, and produce wrinkles.

Appear more youthful, fresh, and vibrant with professional treatment by Professor Jeffry Kashuk. By appreciating your natural facial anatomy, enhancing your best qualities, and performing treatments suited entirely to your needs, he will evaluate your areas of concerns to create a personalised treatment plan.

Each and every patient we encounter has their own unique facial structure which contributes to their personal appearance. By targeting your unique attributes, we can individually perform facial rejuvenation which is particularly suited to you.

How we achieve this


Wrinkles in the forehead occur when the over-active muscles beneath our thinning skin contract too aggressively, crinkling the skin above. These lines form as part of the ageing process, but with medical injections in the target areas we can safely inhibit how animatedly these muscles contract. This provides a fresher, more youthful appearance while smoothing unwanted fine lines and wrinkles.


Bone resorption causes sagging and volume loss in areas of the face you may never have suspected. Changes to the upper cheek area may aid the development of deep valleys or hollows forming in the temples. With carefully placed dermal fillers, we can replenish lost volume to hollow temples to aid in achieving a more youthful appearance.


The eye area is a delicate area to treat, but with precise treatment we can tackle all manner of the visible signs of ageing. Loss of tissue support all around the eyes can result in a drooping brow, crow’s feet, and under-eye bags that work to age our appearance. By replacing lost volume with dermal fillers and relaxing over-active muscles with medical injections, we can lift the brow, fill under-eye hollows, and even appear to change the shape of the eyes for a more youthful and refreshed appearance.


Falling tissue in the mid-face contributes to the development of lost cheek definition, a fleshier and looser midface, and nose-to-mouth lines. These facial folds can be softened, and cheek contour restored, with carefully placed dermal filler to encourage deep skin remodelling.


The ageing processes and thinning of the skin results in the development of ‘bar-code lines’, thin wrinkles that stem from the lip borders up towards the nose. Also known as ‘smoker’s lines’, these lines appear to elongate the skin between the mid-face and the lips, creating an unattractive downward pull and unbalanced facial ratio. By utilising dermal fillers, skin enhancing agents, and medical injections at deep and effective levels within the tissue, we can achieve a more youthful appearance. Even small changes such as correcting downturned mouth corners will help you achieve a more positive and refreshed appearance.


The downwards falling of tissue and slackening support within the skin causes skin to fold and collect in areas such as the jowls. This diminishes facial structure, contour, and angles to create a shapeless and sagging affect, prematurely ageing us. By placing dermal filler along the jawline, we can restructure this area to create a more youthful, slender jawline and lessen the appearance of jowls. Some may encounter a ‘double chin’ where this excess tissue collects, but this too can be repositioned to correct facial proportions.


The ageing processes are not limited to our facial skin, and our neck can show the signs of ageing in wrinkles and creases. Loose skin that creates folds and sags can appear unattractive, but it would be unwise to use traditional dermal fillers here. Instead, we use advanced materials to enhance collagen production. This naturally occurring protein is essential to skin’s firmness, laxity, and volume, so our tissue remodelling treatment can achieve a more smooth, younger-looking neck using your body’s own key components.


Frequently asked questions
  1. What can I expect from my consultation?

    Professor Jeffry Kashuk places high importance on personalised consultation and treatment. This means that we will explore together and in great detail your areas of concern and desired results and recommend the best treatment plan after such discussion. We conduct all treatments on an individually assessed basis, so you will receive the best treatments tailored to your individual facial structure and needs.

  2. What is dermal filler?

    Dermal filler is an injectable treatment that is made of a substance that closely resembles a naturally occurring bodily sugar, hyaluronic acid. This sugar is essential to skin laxity and firmness, making dermal fillers particularly effective for facial restructuring and tissue remodelling.

  3. What are line softening medical injections?

    Line softening injections use a medical toxin approved and regulated for aesthetic uses. They work by relaxing over-expressive muscles that cause our skin to crease, lessening their ability to contract as animatedly. They are commonly used in the upper face and eye area, such as to treat crow’s feet, and the result is smoothed wrinkles that help your face to appear more youthful.

  4. How long will my results last?

    Results vary from patient to patient and depend on which treatment is being administered. When using dermal fillers, you can typically expect your results to last for up to 18 months, and for medical injections and line softening you could see your results for 4-6 months.

  5. Will my treatments hurt?

    You may feel a slight scratch at each injection point, though this is likened to discomfort rather than pain. We carry out our treatments with efficiency and precision, so you shouldn’t feel this sensation for too long. For sensitive patients we can use a topical anaesthetic cream, though we find that most don’t seem to need this.

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