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Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, is a condition that affects localised areas of the body. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, your sweat glands over-produce sweat often without trigger or stimuli, resulting in an embarrassing amount of moisture in areas such as the hands, scalp, and under-arms. Unfortunately, there is no cure for hyperhidrosis, but it can be effectively managed and controlled in its localised areas with expertly administered treatments. Even if you find yourself producing more sweat than you’d like during periods of exercise, heat, or anxiety, hyperhidrosis treatment could be incredibly liberating for you.

Feel fresher, drier, and more comfortable for longer with professional treatment by Professor Jeffry Kashuk. Using medical injections of muscle relaxant toxin, we can help you take control of your excessive sweating.

Hyperhidrosis can limit your lifestyle and make you feel uncomfortable in social situations, but our empathetic and expert treatment can help you manage it. We’ll evaluate your needs and talk you through your treatment journey, ensuring you receive the best care.

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Using targeted medical injections, we can successfully lessen the amount of sweat produced in localised areas. Suitable for use in areas such as the hands, feet, hairline, under-arms, and other personalized regions, we can successfully manage your excessive sweating for up to 6 months or longer.

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Frequently asked questions
  1. What do the injections use?

    The medical toxin used is approved for this treatment and has been well recognised as safely reducing the amount of sweat you produce in a localised area. The treatment inhibits overactive sweat glands from producing as much sweat, helping to keep you fresher and drier for longer.

  2. How long will my results last?

    Results typically vary from patient to patient, but you could expect your results to last for up to 6 months or longer. After this time, you will require maintenance treatments to prolong your results.

  3. Is this treatment safe?

    The medical toxin used is regulated and approved for the use in excessive sweat reduction, so the treatment is entirely safe. Professor Jeffry Kashuk is an esteemed medical professional with ample experience and knowledge in both facial and bodily anatomy, so you could not be in safer hands for your treatments.

  4. Will my treatment hurt?

    You may feel a slight scratch at each injection point, though this is likened more to discomfort than pain. Your treatments will be conducted safely and efficiently to allow you the most comfortable experience possible. For those patients who experience sensitivity, we sometimes use a topical cooling anaesthetic cream.

  5. When should I consider this treatment option?

    If your problem areas are resistant to topical products such as deodorants and antiperspirants and even medications, it might be time to consider hyperhidrosis treatment. It’s a very simple, popular, and non-surgical procedure that could be extremely liberating for you.

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