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When our skin demonstrates fatigue and sadness it makes us feel self-conscious and appearing tired and sad is often an unfortunate side effect of an aging face. Natural skin proteins, such as collagen, decrease as we age, creating loose skin and unwanted folds. Furthermore, bone resorption contributes to loss of underlying support to ligaments and soft tissues. The resultant thinning and falling of the skin instigates a downward pull on the face, which is manifested by drooping at our cheekbones and mouth corners. For many patients, these signs of ageing appear as hollows and sagging which deprives us of youthful vibrancy. Fortunately, these changes can be readily addressed by a qualified professional by replenishing our lost materials with natural, biological compounds.

Appear more awake, alert, and less melancholy with professional treatment by Professor Jeffry Kashuk. By appreciating your individual anatomy, enhancing your best qualities, and addressing your concerns, he will evaluate your needs and target areas to create a personalised treatment plan.

Each and every patient I encounter has their own unique facial structure which contributes to their personal appearance. By targeting your unique attributes, we can perform facial rejuvenation which is particularly and individually suited for you.

How we achieve this

Upper Face

Treating areas in the upper face helps my patients to appear less tired. Softening forehead wrinkles, frown lines between the eyebrows, and falling or drooping eyebrows all provide effective results. When treating these particularly expressive areas, we softly relax the muscles using targeted medical injections to lessen the wrinkles that make us appear tired. When loss of underlying support causes us to experience sunken temples, careful placement of dermal fillers can fill these hollows.

Eye Area

The eye area is a commonly requested treatment area because the first signs of aging and fatigue appear here. Using a variety of compounds, we can relax the muscles that cause crow’s feet, brightening the area for more alert-looking eyes. Tear troughs beneath the eyes can become darkened and loose, making us appear tired. Placing dermal fillers deep within this area safely yet effectively refreshes the hollows beneath the eyes, making them seem more open and awake.

Cheek Structure

The sagging and hollowing of the mid-face, particularly seen in nose-to-mouth lines, results in creases and folds that appear to pull our face downwards. We replenish volume, starting above in the cheek area before moving into the midface, in to create natural-looking contour, softening the appearance of tired and falling skin. Marionette lines and jowls also use a combination of varying dermal fillers to support any loosening soft tissue by reinforcing the jaw contour as is appropriate for more feminine or masculine goals. This results in a natural-looking and fresh appearance, again making us look less fatigued.

Lips & mouth area

Falling soft tissue and volume loss in the mouth area causes our mouth corners to fall downward, making us appear sad. By adding structure and support to this tissue using dermal fillers at various levels, Professor Jeffry Kashuk can lessen the appearance of a tired-looking mouth.

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Frequently asked questions
  1. What can I expect from my consultation?

    Professor Jeffry Kashuk places high importance on individual and personalized consultation and treatment. At your initial consultation, we will explore in great detail your areas of concern, desired results, and therefore what treatments we would recommend. We conduct all of our treatments on an individually assessed basis, so that you are receiving the best treatments tailored only for you.

  2. What is dermal filler?

    Dermal fillers are made of a substance that closely replicates a naturally occurring sugar in the body, hyaluronic acid. This sugar is essential to skin laxity, firmness, and volume, making this treatment ideal for effective facial restructuring.

  3. What are line softening injections?

    Line softening injections use a medical toxin approved and regulated for aesthetic uses. They work by relaxing overly expressive or animated muscles, inhibiting them from contracting as aggressively and creasing the skin. The result is smoothed fine lines and wrinkles that add a certain freshness to a tired-looking face.

  4. How long will my results last?

    Results vary from patient to patient and depend on the treatment areas you opt for. When using dermal fillers, you can expect your results to last for up to 18 months. For line softening injections, your results will typically last between 4-6 months.

  5. Will my treatments hurt?

    You may feel a slight scratch at each injection point. This is likened to discomfort and treatments are conducted fairly efficiently, so you shouldn’t feel any pain. For those patients who experience sensitivity, we sometimes use a topical cooling anaesthetic cream, though we find that most patients do not seem to need these.

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