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Achieve soft, feminine features

Masculine or more angular, harsher features can detract from the sought-after feminine facial appearance. A too strong jaw, broad upper face, and unstructured lip borders all detract from a fresh and feminine appearance. Through our natural skin makeup and bone formation, our fate can seem predetermined to appear masculine against our desires. Facial restructuring and deep tissue remodelling effectively ‘feminises’ a face when used in precise areas and contributes to the softening of harsh facial angles.

Achieve a softer, more feminine appearance with professional treatment by Professor Jeffry Kashuk. By appreciating your natural facial anatomy, desired results, and areas of influence, we can enhance your best qualities to successfully feminise the face with your own personalised treatment plan.

Each and every patient we encounter has their own unique facial structure which contributes to their personal appearance. By targeting your unique attributes, we can individually perform facial rejuvenation which is particularly suited to you.

How we achieve this


High and prominent cheeks are one of the most telling attributes of a feminine face. Using dermal fillers placed at deeper levels in the skin tissue, we can sculpt feminine cheeks that are angled towards the hairline. This creates a soft contour beneath the cheekbone while instilling subtle volume and lifting of the area.


The nose is the focal point of the face and unwanted ridges, bumps, and irregularities can make it appear more masculine than we’d like. Using a combination of dermal filler and medical injections, we can non-surgically reshape the nose to achieve a softer and more feminine appearance.


Flat or undefined can not only prematurely age us, but they can also provide us with a more masculine or ‘harsh’ appearance. By defining lip borders, enhancing the cupid’s bow, and placing volume at strategic points we can add a feminine plumpness and definition to flat lips.


The jaw line, particularly when angular or strong, is a factor that detracts most readily from feminising the face. Using dermal fillers placed at strategic points in the jawline, we can soften prominent angles yet still ensure a gradual jaw projection to feminise an often masculine-appearing area of the face.


Frequently asked questions
  1. What can I expect from my consultation?

    Professor Jeffry Kashuk places the highest importance on individual consultation and treatment plans. At your initial consultation, we will explore together in great detail your areas of concern, your desired results, and therefore which treatments should make up your personalised treatment plan. All of our treatments are conducted on an individually assessed basis, so you will always receive the best treatments suited entirely to you.

  2. What constitutes a feminine face?

    A feminine face is usually characterised by soft volume and definition. The cheeks are ideally high, full, and subtly contoured towards to the hairline and the lips are plump and their borders defined. A soft, well-proportioned nose also contributes to the overall contouring and symmetry of a feminine face. The jawline is also soft yet sculpted, avoiding harsh lines and angles.

  3. What is dermal filler?

    Dermal filler is an injectable treatment that uses a substance that closely replicates a natural bodily sugar, hyaluronic acid. This sugar is essential to skin’s volume, laxity, and firmness, so treatment with dermal filler ensures the enhancement and subtle plumping of the treated areas. Treatment with dermal filler is incredibly safe, because the hyaluronic acid is naturally broken down and dissolved by the body.

  4. How long will my results last?

    Results vary from patient to patient because they depend on how your body’s own natural processes. Typically, you can expect your dermal filler treatment to last for up to 18 months.

  5. Will my treatments hurt?

    You may feel a slight scratch at each injection point. This is likened to discomfort, and our treatments are performed with efficiency and care, so you shouldn’t feel any pain. For those who require it, we can provide a topical anaesthetic cream to numb the treatment area.

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