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Aesthetic treatments for male patients are growing in popularity, and it is not just female patients who are seeking non-surgical facial restructuring. A misconception of dermal fillers is that they merely add volume to areas of the face, but they can achieve advanced and effective deep tissue remodelling. Adding angles, definition, and contour is something they are extremely adept at, making them ideal for those seeking to enhance or introduce more masculine features. Building distinct angles in the jawlines, cheek bones, and chin all contribute to the appearance of a ‘masculinised’ face, achieving subtle yet noticeable results for male patients.

Achieve a more angular, masculine appearance with professional treatment by Professor Jeffry Kashuk. By appreciating your natural facial anatomy, desired results, and areas of influence, we can build upon your best qualities to successfully masculinise the face with your own personal treatment plan.

Each and every patient we encounter has their own unique facial structure which contributes to their personal appearance. By targeting your unique attributes, we can individually perform facial rejuvenation which is particularly suited to you.

How we achieve this


Male cheek augmentation is achieved through deep placement of dermal fillers to create or enhance a masculine mid-face structure. The ideal male cheek extends further down the face than the female and more towards the ear than the hairline. By carefully placing dermal fillers along your existing bone structure, we can enhance your face for a more masculine appearance.


A chin dimple or cleft chin is a typical masculine trait that some male patients may feel would suit them. Using precise injections of dermal fillers in the skin tissue, we can create a carefully balanced cleft chin to produce a more masculine and angular lower face.


The ideal male jaw is angular with distinct structure and edges. By adding dermal filler to carefully selected areas of the jaw line, we can construct and build a more masculine jaw. By broadening this area and adding more prominent angles, we can craft a jaw line that enhances your current facial structure while also achieving your desired results.


Frequently asked questions
  1. What can I expect from my consultation?

    Professor Jeffry Kashuk places high importance on individualised and personalised consultation and treatment. At your initial consultation, we will explore together in great detail your areas of concern, desired results, and therefore the treatments we would recommend to achieve them. We conduct all of our treatments on an individually assessed basis, so that each patient receives care, attention, and treatment tailored entirely to them.

  2. What constitutes a masculine appearance?

    An angular jaw is the most typical characteristic of a male face. This includes a strong-looking structure and angular dimensions that contribute to a broad facial appearance. Equally, a prominent or even cleft chin adds a certain masculine appearance to the face, hinting at angular bone structure and symmetry beneath. Extended cheeks that reach further down the face than female cheeks also portray a more masculine structure beneath the skin.

  3. What is dermal filler?

    Dermal fillers are a popular injectable aesthetic treatment used for deep tissue remodelling and structuring. They are made of a substance that closely replicates the natural bodily sugar hyaluronic acid, which is essential to skin laxity and structure. This makes them not only effective but safe to use for aesthetic purposes.

  4. How long will my results last?

    Your results are unique to you and they tend to differ between patients. You can typically expect results achieved by dermal fillers to last for up to 18 months.

  5. Will my treatments hurt?

    You may feel a sharp scratch at each injection point, though this is likened to discomfort rather than painful. We conduct our treatments with care and efficiency, so you shouldn’t feel any pain, but a topical numbing anaesthetic can be applied for those patients who require it.

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