Fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead occur when over-expressive muscles beneath the dermis contract, creasing the already thinning skin above them. These can become more prominent as we age because of this natural skin thinning, and many patients feel that they would rather treat them to avoid appearing prematurely aged and tired.


The eye area is a sensitive area to treat, but with advanced treatments we can treat the signs of ageing and fatigue. Crow’s feet, under-eye bags, and drooping brows are all common signs of diminished skin laxity and bone resorption, which contribute to your appearance becoming tired-looking, down-turned, or saggy.


Unwanted ridges, bumps, or asymmetry in the nose have the ability to render the rest of your out of proportion. While previously patients turned to surgery, advanced non-surgical treatments are now available to address irregularities in the nose to help correct this facial imbalance.


The cheeks are some of our most expressive soft tissue, lifting when we smile and providing facial structure when we don’t. During the ageing process or merely through genetics, however, our cheeks begin to lose or lack the soft tissue support needed to maintain their volume, shape, and structure. Sagging skin or lack of cheek contour can negatively affect our appearance, making us appear sad, saggy, or more rounded than we naturally are.


The lips are a common target area for aesthetic treatments, and they can be successfully and non-surgically augmented to achieve a range of different effects. Plumping the lips, defining their borders, or smoothing vertical barcode lines can refresh a tired or disproportioned mouth area.

Mouth Area

The mouth area can demonstrate many different signs of ageing and skin degradation that shows itself in a range of treatable ways. Nose-to-mouth folds, downturned mouth corners, and over-exposed gums when smiling are all common contributors to a prematurely aged appearance that can be treated by advanced techniques and treatments.


Affecting both male and female patients, the jowls and jawline are common treatment areas that can be reshaped and restructured with deep tissue remodelling. Jowls occur from lack of supporting tissue for soft tissue, causing it to collect and fold around the lower face, and the jawline can both be too feminine or masculine depending on the patient’s desires. Jowls can be lessened, and jawlines can either be enhanced or retouched with these advanced treatments.


It’s not just our facial skin that shows the appearance of ageing; our neck also demonstrates skin degradation and lack of youthful firmness. Because the skin is already thin here, we have adopted a treatment that stimulates the natural production of collagen to boost your skin’s laxity and quality.


Hyperhidrosis (or excessive sweating) in localised areas can limit your lifestyle and make you feel uncomfortable, but professional treatment can help. In localised areas such as the armpits, hands, feet, hairline, and other regions we can successfully and safely reduce the amount of sweat produced.