Our Mission Statement

To provide our patients with aesthetic treatment plans that are suited entirely to their unique needs. Our first priority is to instil our patients with confidence in our care, so that they feel at ease during their treatment and able to have all of their questions answered. We tailor all of our aesthetic facial rejuvenation solutions to your individual needs, so we feel it’s important you understand why and where we recommend treating.

Sophisticated aesthetics treatment tailored entirely to your needs
We use our expertise to treat the root of the problem rather than just the visible properties themselves. You may see an area that you’d like to address, but the cause of this volume loss of skin fold may lie in a different area altogether. We offer open and honest consultation to discern where the visible problem originates from and explain to you how and why it has occurred, before we propose treatment.

Honest treatments

We don’t just treat visible concerns, we identify the root cause of the skin’s problem and address it there.

Superior service

As a medically trained professional, Professor Jeffry Kashuk is adept in safe, effective, and patient-driven treatments.

Emotive facial rejuvenation

Our emotive guidelines are designed to help you even if you aren’t sure which treatment is best for you.

Suitable for all

We offer personalised treatment plans for those seeking to look more feminine and those more masculine.

Understand your skin

We endeavour to educate about why, how, and where changes in our skin present us with these visible characteristics.

Individual consultations

All of our treatments are performed on an individually-assessed basis, so you receive the care that only you need, with realistic and clearly defined expectations of the anticipated result.

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    *Results may vary and are different for each individual. As such, Jeffry Kashuk Facial Aesthetics & Surgery cannot guarantee specific results.