Correct and treat scarring and signs of trauma

Scar correction and treatment at a boutique clinic in Israel

Unintentional trauma and accidents can leave embarrassing scarring or facial defects that we would rather not have. Irregularities can leave us self-conscious, especially if these tissue defects are dimpled or pitted. Treatments performed by Professor Jeffry Kashuk will help correct scarring and facial defects to create a more even and attractive complexion.

  • Non-surgical scar correction
  • Create more even and smooth skin
  • Treat facial irregularities

Depending on your treatment needs, we use dermal fillers, fine skin materials, and plasma technology to best return your skin to its normal appearance. These non-surgical skin treatments will help even out your skin to produce a more smooth, uniform, and healthy appearance. Professor Jeffry Kashuk is also skilled in the removal of benign facial lesions, so that you may feel confident in your skin again.


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    Frequently asked questions
    1. How does plasma technology work?

      Plasma skin tightening technology both improves the visibility of your scar and can also be used to permanently remove benign facial lesions. The handheld device charges the air between the skin and its treatment point, forming plasma energy that then shrinks the skin of the immediate treatment area. Plasma technology is particularly effective at tightening loose skin, removing facial lumps, and resurfacing the skin of an uneven scar.

    2. How do dermal fillers treat scarring?

      Dermal fillers are used to treat scarring that is pitted or dimpled, similar to acne scars. This treatment works by placing dermal fillers within the affected skin to restore structure and volume. This will plump the skin from its deeper levels to smooth the appearance of irregularities.

    3. What can I expect from my consultation?

      Professor Jeffry Kashuk places high importance on individual and personalised consultation and treatment. We understand that every patient has different needs and therefore different insecurities, questions, and considerations. At your initial consultation, we will explore all of these factors together in great detail to properly establish your areas of concern, desired results, and which treatments we think may benefit you. We conduct all of our treatments on an individually assessed basis, so you can be sure you are receiving the best treatments for you.


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