Nasal Sculpting


When it comes to our appearance and confidence, it’s often the small, subtle changes that can make the biggest difference. One area our clients can feel self-conscious about is their nose, and as one of the most prominent facial features, it’s easy to understand why. In the care of our skilled surgeon, Professor Jeffry Kashuk, we can improve the appearance of your nose through nasal sculpting, a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment which can smooth, slim, lift and contour through injecting some well-placed dermal fillers.

As with all of his treatments, Professor Jeffry Kashuk aims to create natural-looking results that work in harmony with the rest of your features, taking your questions and concerns into account along the way. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our nasal sculpting treatment:

Non-permanent – results typically last up to 18 months, allowing for future tailored treatment as and when you need it.

Affordable – nasal sculpting is much more cost-effective than rhinoplasty and is simple and affordable to touch-up.

No commitment – for those interested in rhinoplasty, you can ‘try out’ nasal sculpting with zero commitment, allowing you to either top-up in the future, or pursue surgery, if desired.

Fewer risks – lower risk of infection, poor healing and scarring, when compared to surgery.

Minimal downtime – resume your normal activities immediately after the procedure.



Otherwise known as crooked nose, which presents as a C, I or S shape, rather than a vertical line. The treatment works by filling in the areas that don’t look symmetrical for a more balanced appearance.


For noses that don’t follow a straight line, our treatment can smooth out protrusions while filling in dips and troughs. The treatment creates the illusion of a smooth, streamlined silhouette.


In noses where the tip points down, looks flat or squashed or rounded, and may not ‘project’ correctly, treatment can help lift the nasal tip to give it a better angle and, sometimes, a straighter appearance.


In cases where the nose appears wide, treatment can create a more balanced result by creating elevation on the top of the nose, giving an impression of a slimmer, smaller nose.


  1. What filler do you use?

    We use a compound similar in make-up to hyaluronic acid, a sugar found naturally in the body. It can help with volume, elasticity and hydration in the skin. One of the reasons we use this type of filler is because it can easily be broken down and passed out of the body over time.

  2. What can I expect from my treatment?

    The first step to our nasal sculpting is a consultation with Professor Jeffry Kashuk, where he can assess your suitability and get an idea of what results you’re looking for. If you would benefit from the treatment, we will then book the procedure in for you. Some people immediately see results, while in others, the full effects may take a few days to show.

  3. What about aftercare?

    There is minimal downtime following the procedure, but we recommend avoiding using make-up around, or touching, the injected area(s), as this could cause the filler to ‘spread’ into other areas.

  4. What else do dermal fillers help to treat?

    There are many other uses for fillers, including sculpting the face, plumping the lips and filling in deep lines and wrinkles.


Discover how Professor Jeffry Kashuk can help transform your nose through nasal sculpting today.

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