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Your skin is your body’s largest organ and is your first barrier of defence against your environment, lifestyle choices, and even the weather. It can show signs of damage and fatigue very easily, so it’s important to look after it properly to maintain your aesthetic results and its prolonged health.

Christina Skincare is a specialised medical skincare range available only through qualified medical professionals. At the Jeffry Kashuk Clinic, we’re proud to bring this revolutionary cosmeceutical skincare to our clients. The formulations are tailored to support and enhance the aesthetic treatments received in the clinic and utilise state-of-the-art, scientifically-proven ingredients. The smart delivery system that Christina Skincare uses substantially increased active ingredients to support the results of line softening treatments, dermal fillers, to even the skin tone, and provide relief for problem or congested skin.

Each and every patient we encounter has their own unique facial structure which contributes to their personal appearance. By targeting your unique attributes, we can individually perform facial rejuvenation which is particularly suited to you.

How we achieve this


Suitable for all skin types, ProCare routine skincare products by Christina Skincare help to purify, exfoliate, and soothe the skin. Complete with cleanser, covering cream, peel, and eye cream, this routine skincare regime achieves healthy skin while providing an even, refreshed glow.


Used for the preservation of dermal filler results, blurring of wrinkles, and increasing skin volume, the ProSculpt range by Christina Skincare contains innovative formulas. Including a sun protective day cream, reinvigorating night cream, and a complex serum, this routine boosts cell regeneration and hydration to enhance your dermal filler treatment results.


Preserve your wrinkle reduction injections and smooth fine expressive lines with ProLift by Christina Skincare. These products, including a sun protective day cream, a line reducing serum, a night cream, and a serum quick lift, preserve the skin’s barriers and repair and tighten ageing or tired skin.


The innovative medical skincare routine that is ProBright supports the brightening of the skin to achieve an even, smooth skin tone. Complete with a sun protective day cream, hydrating serum, night cream, and brightening serum, this range provides deep moisturising and toning properties to pigmented skin.

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Frequently asked questions
  1. Why are these products only available from medical professionals?

    Christina Skincare products are composed of medical and complex ingredients that aren’t available in public shops. These regulated ingredients are incredibly effective at promoting the skin’s health and vitality, but they are only available through consultation with a medical professional to ensure they are suitable for you. We’re proud to offer this scientifically proven skincare solution to any patient who it may benefit.

  2. How does ProSculpt preserve dermal filler results?

    The day cream provides prolonged hydration to the skin, helping keep it naturally plump and firm while boosting its defence mechanisms. The night cream uses a combination of ingredients to boost natural hyaluronic acid production within the skin, enhancing those contained within the dermal filler. It also boosts cell regeneration to keep the skin cells healthy and shedding naturally. The final step, a powerful serum, combined advanced and concentrated ingredients to boost hyaluronic acid production to blur fine lines and wrinkles.

  3. How does ProLift preserve line softening injection results?

    This four-step skin routine contains ingredients scientifically proven to firm the skin while smoothing lines and wrinkles to preserve line softening injection results. The day cream is enriched with nutrients that restore the skin barrier, deliver deep hydration, and boost collagen production with the skin. The line reduction serum uses an advanced moisture complex to stop the skin from appearing thin and tired, and the quick lift serum uses botanical polymers to tighten and lift the skin within minutes of its application. Finally, the night cream repairs and moistures with fatty acids to improve skin elasticity and minimise creasing.

  4. Am I suitable for the ProCare daily skin routine?

    Christina Skincare’s ProCare daily skin routine is accessible to anyone who may benefit from it. This skincare routine is suitable for all skin types and focuses its advanced ingredients on maintaining skin health, vitality, and a glowing appearance for the user.

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